Tre deilige bakkeintervaller

Yup, it`s time to for some kick ass uphill running. Literally.Your butt will definitely feel these sessions!

This is Linderudkollen in LIllomarka. Nuthin BUTT a steep hill for sure! It hurts. You know it works.


Start by warming up  for 10 minutes. A slow run just to get your body going. Now, let`s get started!

Try one of these bad boys:

1. FASTA HARDA Choose a steep hill that`s about 200 meters, or a hill that takes 45 seconds to run. Run as FAST and HARD as you can! Slowly jog back before you do it again... and again. Repeat 10 times before you take a break of 75 seconds, and do 10 more. Exhaustion-guarantee!

2. Tabata take over


20 on, 10 off.  Run (like there is no tomorrow) uphills for 20 seconds, and use the 10 seconds to go down slowly. Do this for 4 minutes. ( Is THAT all?? Really?? You will feell it! For sure! Try another 4 minutes if you have some more energy! And download a TABATA app to track the time)

As the temperature is working its way down these days, indoor running sessions are something to consider if you dont wanna freeze your lovely ass off.

2. The Hill(s) Do a 3-5 minutes warm up, by running on 10-12,  incline 2. Put your treadmill on pace 7-10 and this is when the fun starts! Do part 1 with 30 seconds break between the different intervalls.

Part 1: 3 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes 1 minute 1 minute

3 minutes break

Part 2: The winner takes it all. Are you ready?? 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off. 4 times! Incline? As high as you can! (You are welcome!)

And for the music? Here you go!