My parents-the new gym junkies!

Ever since I became a gym junkie myself a couple of years ago, I have been trying my best to convince my parents to join in as well. A bit hard though...I don't know if it has been the lack of interest or the imagination of everyone at the gym looking like fitness instructors that have prevented them for signing up, but finally, after so many discussions on this subject, and especially after I took  a PT-course, they are now proud members of Ullern Trening! (I bet they soon will become one of those people also checking in at The gym. Good on them!)

It started, as always, on a quiet Sunday dinner at my parents house. Me being a bit too rude on how the their new lifestyle has become after being retired (No activities, huge dinners, extent amount of time spent watching TV (Dad- The news(all day) Mum-The Kardashians, or The Cardigans as she calls them. English has never been her strong side) and I think they finally got it. Even though my dad has been quite an active fellow all his life, he has never really done any kind of strength training. And mum? Well, let's just say she would get her strength training by lifting a glass of wine or two in the weekends.

Something HAD to be done. And how should I convince them? Instead of talking about laziness and them getting the good old Santa-belly, I talked about the skeleton. How they can strengthen their skeleton and bones by training.  And how training can prevent them from getting osteoporosis.

And with some "fun" facts on what happens to your body when you get older that I learned at PT-school(We actually learn more than just bicep curls and squats for the record...)

  • By the time you turn 30, your body functions decreases by 0,75-1% each year. But the numbers are quite different from those who choose to stay active ( 0,75%) to those who stay inactive (2%)
  • Your heart beats per minute decreases ( More on people who are inactive)
  • Your VO2 max (VO2 Max refers to the maximum volume of oxygen that an individual can use at maximum levels of intense aerobic exercise) decreases with 30% between the age of 20 and 65 with the biggest reduction after you turn 40. Yearly by 1%, and this happens twice as fast amongst people who are inactive.
  • Your bones go weaker which can lead to osteoporosis. Can be prevented by strength training.
  • Your muscle strength decreases by 8% every decade after the age of 45 at the same time as your chances of getting chronical conditions as stroke and diabetes increases.
  • Fracturing your thigh bone. This tend to get more and more common for especially women, who have problems with their instability and loosing their muscle strength. The right type of training can increase your stability and strengthen your legs so this can be prevented at an early stage.

Monday afternoon this picture pops up in my mail box.


My mum! At the gym! It worked! When I left that evening, my dad had been thinking a lot. Having this in the back of his head when driving to the shopping mall the next day, he saw a big poster on a new local gym. You know those, sign up today-signs? Yup, they actually work! He drove straight to the gym and signed up! And when my mum came home , she wouldnt be left out of course and did the same thing! And being from Sunnmøre( a place in Norway known for their population being a bit like Scrooge- dont waste money, like EVER, she will never be one of those people signing up, paying and never showing up. Best gym members ever those sunnmøringer!)

A couple of days later I decided to join my dad to the gym. And look at that smile! He is so happy!


Nothing like an elevator selfie with dad after a good sweat up at the gym!


And hey, you know that working out releases endorphins as well? That will make you happy? That will make you live longer? Kiss more? :) Im so proud of you mum and dad for choosing to stay active for yourself and for me!