Tacos a la Pop Up DJ

Just another manic panic "whats for dinner" Monday !

Cravings you say? The word TACO is just stuck in your head from Saturdays food party, but seriously, you dont have to go all Santa Maria every time you wanna make a taco party!

In my family, Ive never really had tacos the norwegian way since my dad despise the smell of a "overworked mexican taxi driver who never seems to have time to buy Sterilan". But making tacos MY WAY, he is totally into!

So, what is this? This melting pot Of colours ?! I call it Tacos a la Pop Up DJ or the big grater party! Yes, get hold of that grater cause you need is ASAP! (Rivjern in Norwegian!)

For The Big Grater Party you need:

1 big sweet poatato

4 tomates

1 avocado

Half a cucumber

2 chicken breast

3 carrots

1/4 of a big cabbage

Some ginger




Peppermix ( The spice)

Lemon pepper

1 broccoli

Potato pancake ( Speltlomper)

What you do:

Become BFF with your grater, and grate everything before you have it in the pan with some oil and peppermix!

(Wanna be a bit healthier? Use water!)

Tomates&ginger together makes a killer mix! And would probably kill your cold as well;) And for the sweet potatoes, use a cheese slizer, slize The potato pieces pour some oil on them, some peppermix and let them have a party in The oven for 15 minutes! Remember to check on them now and then so that they dont go all black!

Or cut them in sticks!

   Mash The avocado with some grated cucumber and garlic and lemon!

And for The potato cakes? Cut them into pieces, sprinkle On some peppermix.

Warm air oven, 200 degrees, 6 minutes!

( I took these out a bit too soon, but they will go more crispy The longer you have them in The oven!) And for the chicken breasts? Cut them into pieces, have them in the pan with some water and peppermix.

Voila! Taco a la Pop Up DJ! Better, healthier and happier😛👍