Hiking to Hell

I was hiking to Hell (Helvete)in Nordmarka on Thursday with my hiking buddy Annika,  a pretty epic walk from start to finish ! And the longest walk I have ever done as well. Still a rookie when it comes to outdoorsy activities in The forrest! Going from "what the fuck is merino wool??!!" to "what kind of mountain shoes should I be wearing ?" has been a fun and intense journey at the same time. And now, for the first time in my whole life, I can actually understand at least 20% of how you read a map 😛

Maybe because our destination was a place called Helvete ( Hell) 😈👿😈 That has to motivate anyone into reading a map! First stop: DNT . A great tourist shop/information center at Youngstorget 1, where you get all the information you need, the clothes, the gadgets(sporks, lovem! Annika had really put an effort into hers!)

And yes, a lot of maps!

  Deciding where to go is the hardest part, but having Annika with me was like touring with Lars Monsen! She knows EVERYTHING. She also works at Røde Kors, so If we would get into any problems, she would probably know what to do. I love these MagGyvers of The forrest!

 ( Check out her Instagram: @annikabylund, she has done some cool trips!)

A good day Of hiking in front Of us! First, we took The 54 bus from Jernbanetorget to Brekkekrysset, and changed to The 51 bus to Skar. From here is where our journey started! Our first stop, Tømtehytta. We followed the blue signs( red signs Are for skiers Annika told me. Is that common knowledge? Best regards rookie in The forrest)

 Stine The rookie- but feeling like a champ! (Just forgot that my headband was made of viscose and not wool. Sweaty hair after 10 minutes. Great! But might as well just smile and pretend everything is A OK.  Meanwhile...check out Annikas wool headband. So jelly...

Finding out where to go...Tømtehyttene first stop!

  Water is important when you go on a hike, but if you forget your Imsdal water? No worries! Just drink the water! As long as its from a running creek! 

Wanna go for a swing? Or a swim?

  Best part of the trip? Eating of course! Good thing we had a lot of food!

Mexican soup , yummy!

And dessert of course!  

Since Annika is a member of DNT we could check out this cozy cabin:


Pretty cool living here for a night or what? :) The advantage of being a member of DNT! You get a key, pay about 260 KR per night for staying at a nice cottage ...and the best? You can check out another cabin another day! So much more fun than having your own cottage where you have to go back to the same place eeeevery time. Exploring the norwegian forrest is what it's all about!

Next stop was Hell(Helvete).But first, some map reading. With a pretty decent view!  Before arriving in Hell we took a short stop at Bjørnholt where you can rent canoes! Nice to know if you wanna see some more of this area.

One hour later, we arrived in Hell! And hey, its pretty nice here!

Coming out from hell was also pretty darn nice!     Six hours Of walking in The Norwegian forrest, and finally The magic happens: The closer we got to the end of our journey, the more we got to experience the beautiful, norwegian nature and its amazing colours.

 Going through Heaven and Hell on The same day was pretty breathtaking!   

And the best thing about ending our jouney? Annika had a nice surprise for us!

 Our trip was about 33 km all together, and we spent 7-8 hours with some  breaks. You should check out the app UT.no for some good hikinig tours, or just talk to the dudes at DNT. ( You know they are cool people  when the first thing they say to you is: You should go to Hell!)

And hey, maybe I see you in Hell someday?

                       -DJ Pop Up-