KK Treningscamp høsten 2015

Time flies when you have fun, right? This amazing team is just back from KK Treningscamp. A week filled with endorphins from start to finish!


It will for sure take a couple of days before I get used to starting my days running all by myself on the asphalt in Oslo again instead of being surrounded by so many beautiful energetic women, running in the sand while the sun rises!


Our fenomenal running instructors Tessa and Anne Marte in blue t-shirts.


They both have the ability to make running a fun thing for people who even HATE to run. How? Well, one of the clues is to run as slow as possible. When you think you are running slow, slow down! Seriously. Too many people out there go out and kill themselves just because they think they have to run fast. And then what happens? Your legs hurt like CRAZY and you set your mind to think that running is not for you. The next time you decide to go for a run, try to slow down! Think of the feeling of just flying instead of trying to catch up to somebody. Don`t run away from something, but run towards something. That`s my motivation! And of course, running WITH somebody can also be a great motivation!

FullSizeRender(39) kopi

Pretty decent view on my way to work every morning or what?:)


And lets not forget the evening sun:)


This is my sixth time at the camp, where my task is basically to be a Pop Up! Im a pop up dj, pop up photographer, pop up motivator, pop up running dj and a pop up bartender! Who wants a diet coke in 35 degrees?:)FullSizeRender(40) kopi

Outfit of the day/week. Sunglasses, heaps of sunscreen, shorts, sports BRA, my camera and a towel.


Putting my angry face on for some kickboksing!



The amazing Tessa in the pink t-shirt at the back giving us a kick ass work out!


And even the security guard at the hotel tend to get a bit motivated by seing all the women training every where, so we just invited him for a session! Yeah, you go buddy!!


And some other dude at the hotel just loved our KK-caps! Totally get that. It kinda matched his face,  so I gave it to him as a memory of us!


There are so many cool activities to check out on the camp. Yoga, bungee, zumba, water gym, corebar, boot camp, Abilica circle and so on. And my fav..hate session: Sklimatte work out.



Yes. They burn. They look so innocent, but you can seriously feel the abs popping up for a visit before the daily ice cream party at KK Camp. (Mixing chocolate and pistachio-helllo icegasm!!) And talking of food, look at this amazing food art!! A watermelon heart! The sure take their time to make the buffet look presentable!


Same with the desserts! Every day, these amazing looking cakes are just staring at you, ready to attack your belly!


And that`s A OK when you do lunges in the sand with some kgs on your shoulders and 30 degrees pumping outside.


Or just did a killer aerobics class with some ladies! Energy bunny Elise in pink t-shirt and Lotte in her peach top are amazing at putting on some high energy classes with some killer music, making the classes feel like a PARTY from start to finish!


It`s all about having FUN right? :)


Or this dude. Making even ME feeling like a zumba star even though I look like a zumba robot in every move I do.

You are a star, Andreas!


And of course, Daniel the yogi. The yoga instructor who makes everyone jump up from bed at 5.30 every morning to practice yoga even before the sun rises. It`s surreal. It`s magic. It`s actually a bit like a religion!


It`s hard to describe the whole feeling of being there, but the best thing I can do, is to show you guys pictures. Pictures that just tell a glimpse of course, but I guess you can judge from my smile that it`s pretty OK to be at KK Treningscamp for a week!


Something that I believe all of the 70 women participating will agree on! Especially judging by the pictures they have uploaded on Instagram on the #kktreningscamp!

IMG_9681 IMG_9683 IMG_9719

All of you lovely ladies, I will miss you! I will miss our "treningsboble". But I know I will see you next year! Until then, JOBBE PÅ! And yes I`m working on your pictures as we speak! They are coming to a dropbox near you really soon! Nothing like seeing yourself working out like CRAZY, right?:) You are amazing!!

Skjermbilde 2015-09-20 kl. 12.59.47

-DJ Pop Up-