KK-Mila 2015. How to describe this wonderful running PARTY happening in Oslo yesterday? If you took a stroll around Bislett Stadion or St.Hanshaugen between 14.30 and 17.30, it was impossible to miss it. You could SMELL the endorpins all over the place! Pretty crazy running with over 6000 women in the streets of Oslo! Check out some pictures on Instagram on #kkmila2015!  Pop Up DJ and this hilarious woman, Sigrid Bonde Tusvik was there to motivate them through the day!


You choose between a 5 k or a 10 k run.

The 5 K:


The 10 k:


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And let's not forget our rabbit! He did an AWESOME job running first! With AT LEAST 6 different starting groups, I guess he must be pretty tired today! And imaging running with that rabbit head! He should get a life supply of grass for this amazing achievement!


Let's just take a look at this running rabbit..And all of those fantastic women as well! Im so proud of you!

[wpvideo VX85ObPh]

I met so many inspirational women yesterday that really impressed me big time! Lone is one of them. Such an inspiration! She has lost 55 kg, and doing her first KK-Mila!


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I also ran into some of the fabolous ladies from KK Treningscamp! The most energetic weeks of the year. You get up at six a clock to do yoga by the beach (NAMASTEYYY!!!) and can choose from sooo many different activities through the day! Amazeballs....



Anne, Trine (who NAILED being on stage in front of all of the women!) and Ellen, the editor in chief (who also did an amazing job standing in front of all of these energetic running ladies!).


And our KK Sporty star, Vibeke Klemetsen who did stretching with us after the run! Important you guys! Otherwise you would get stiff as a stick as we say in Norwegian!


But I wasn't just working as a running DJ yesterday.  Of course I was cheering for everyone through Snapchat! IMG_8106IMG_8107

And got some really nice snaps back! U guys!!!!


You are probably wondering why Im wearing a bathing suit?? Well, it was gonna rain like H... so I might as well wear something that I couple swim in in case of massive showers! And its PINK! So, I guess I see you next year???

Got some cool tunes planned for ya!!!