I want go get away...TBT

About two and a half years ago, I did my very first hiking trip. True story!  And oh so sad that I didnt do it before. Born and raised in the city of Oslo, my family was never really an outdoorsy family. We spent most of the weekends at home, watching movies with Hugh Grant and eating pretty shitty candy (My mum always bought jelly beans. Wtf... No wonder I have such an intense craving for chocolate and being so active after so many weekends on the couch eating bad candy)

So, why did I finally made it to a hiking trip in Norway? Oh, I found a kiwi. (A guy from New Zealand that is, not the fruit this time) Meet Hayden!


Yes, this guy, who comes from a place that couldn´t be any further away from Norway, took me on a roadtrip to show me the most breatkingtaking places ! Hayden has probably been on more roadtrips around this country than any other Norwegian dude. "When you live here for eight years, and friends come to visit, you kinda need to take them around, right?" True, Hayden!

He showed me this cool shop just before we got to Stavanger. Seriously, every Norwegian should have this helmet!


Or this?? OMG. Next 17th of May, I know what I will be wearing!


Anywhooo, despite all the travels Hayden has been doing around Norway, Norrøna or Bergans are brands he hasn`t been introduced to yet if you know what I mean. Something that you really can see by the way he dresses for a long hike.


Some old board shorts form his dad, stockings(probably an old christmas gift from his mum), some old T-shirts and a pretty worn sweater. As he would say, "It`s comfy, and wearing board shorts reminds me of summer time!" Oh well, Hayden. Good thing you decided to move to Norway! Two months of summer if you are lucky! But still, he is always a happy camper! And for me? Well, it may look cool but I freeeezed my ass off! I finally learnt the difference between acryl and wool on this hiking trip! ( Don`t buy sweaters at Bik Bok before a hike and believe that this will keep you warm)


...and a miiiinor detail. I twisted my ankle right before this trip, not a smart thing to do! But with some good mood, everything works out!


And knowing that Haydens brothers girlfriend, Jo, made it to the top with her brand new white Primark shoes for 5 pounds. WITHOUT getting dirty. Way to go girl!


The hike is about 4 km, and goes from 268 m to 621 m. About 200 000 people do this hiking trip every year, and if you ever come to Norway, or haven`t done it before: Now is the time!






And how we celebrated? By camping like true Norwegians.


Everybody loves good camping neighbours! IMG_5596

Norway, you are kinda cool!


And check out these cool spots we found on our way back from Preikestolen.

IMG_5538 IMG_5542

Freaking post card view!


You can never get enough Troll friends.


So this post is to you, Hayden!  Thank you for showing me around my own country! I finally realized that there is so much more to do than watch Hugh Grant-movies on TV3 each Saturday! ...and I also finally realized the difference between wool and acryl! Good thing to know for the future! When is our next trip???:)

-DJ Pop Up-