I am a journalist, motivator, presenter, runner and fitness coach. I love to inspire people to work out and have fun! #funisthenewfit



So...This girl with all the slash careers, where did it all start? Let`s rewind a bit! 20 years old I started working as a journalist for a teen magazine. The dream job for any girl between the age of...well any girl! Meeting celebrities like Lenny Kravitz and Johnny Depp, on weekly basis, my life was quite surreal! Travelling to LA; New York, Stockholm and London for five years in a row was AMAZING. But this girl needed a BIG change. I quit my job and started on an education to become a personal trainer. I have always enjoyed working out, but wanted to take it to the next level. Inspiring OTHER people to work out and have fun doing it! Two years ago I started my own concept as a running DJ/pop up DJ, inspiring other people to run and have fun with music! My goal is to make you fall in love my biggest crush to this date, ENDORPHINS and runners high! 

Book me as a :

- freelance journalist 

- personal trainer

- running instructor

- presenter 

- motivator 

- fitness coach

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