YOLO travelling part 2

What I'm about to do right now is pretty much the one thing I never thought I would. So hold your horses. 

After being constantly online for the last couple of years with both work and private stuff like my last YOLO- trip to Central America. ( Im pretty sure half of the population over there think that JOBBE PÅ is the most necessary phrase you need to know when visiting Norway... ) I´ve now decided to take a break on my next big trip. But this time without using my smart phone. No snapping, no instagramming, no blogging. Seriously.  Holy shit, this will be interesting! My destination is South America, and I will be travelling around here for a while. Explore, see and relax on a totally different level than before.

But will I actually manage to keep away from social media for a longer period of time? Who knows. Maybe I will fall for the temptation and buy a shiny new smartphone after only a week ! ( Or even at the airport, haha) But hey, I will try my best to stay in this namaste mode for a while! It is definitely needed as you know if you are one of those people following me on social media.

Remember to #jobbepå for me on Snapchat and Instagram. And feel free to use #jobbepå when you post stoff on Instagram so I have something to watch when I get back! That will make me so happy!

So wish me luck- nos vemos!